Mobile Workshops Spotlight: Partnerships are Key to Resilient, Sustainable Communities

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For years, Austin has been a leader in keeping things local. Even as the city has grown, community leaders inside and outside of government have been the key to implementing bold ideas. This week, we'll look at two Congress of Cities mobile workshops highlighting some examples that can be modeled in any community, of any size, that has the passion to do so. These are stories of passionate locals who have done more than simply ask the government to help - they've rolled up their sleeves and led the charge for sustainable change.  

We start this week's tour with affordability. How do we balance the demand for affordable housing and the desire for green building with the practical realities of a rebounding housing market? Learn about some of Austin's creative partnerships at the Affordable and Green Housing Tour on Wednesday, November 19th. Participants will get a look at three innovative developments, where city officials, community members, architects and developers are setting a new course for affordable housing in a growing city, and learn more about the public-private partnerships that make it possible. 

Next, in some Austin circles, finding homes for animals is just as important as finding homes for people, and the new Austin Animal Center is leading the way with dozens of community partners. Find out how this LEED Gold facility maintains live outcomes for more than 90% of the animals in their care at the Austin No-Kill Animal Center Tour on Thursday. You'll have an opportunity to tour this 40,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility that provides animal care, veterinary services and placement for more than 20,000 lost and homeless pets each year. Afterward, we'll talk about the policies, partnerships and practices that are necessary for any community to improve the live outcomes for sheltered animals. 

With just over a month to go before the conference, a number of our mobile workshops already have waiting lists. So make your plans now - you can find the full list of mobile workshops on the conference website

There are plenty of reasons to choose to attend the Congress of Cities this year. Having the opportunity to learn about some of these local innovations and innovators first-hand is certainly a big one, and we look forward to sharing these successes with as many of you as we possibly can. 

For more information about the conference and to register, please visit the conference website.