Member Councils Set Agendas for Congress of Cities

Finding others with a similar perspectivewhether it be your personal experience or your city's characteristicsprovides an invaluable resource for building your community and your own leadership skills.  If you are attending the Congress of Cities and Exposition in Boston at the end of the month, plan to participate in one of our many member council group sessions.

At this year's conference, all council meetings (with the exception of First Tier Suburbs) will be held on Thursday, November 29 from 1:15 - 2:45 p.m.  All conference attendees are welcome to attend any of the meetings.

University Communities

The University Communities Council is pleased to showcase NLC's One Health Resolution 2012-17 at its meeting, which calls on the federal government to adopt legislation and practices that address human health, animal health and ecological health in an integrated fashion and support local efforts to advance sustainability goals.

The guest presenter will be Peter Rabinowitz, MD, Associate Professor in the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program at Yale, and affiliate of the International One Health Initiative Advisory Board.

Members of the University Communities Council share problems and opportunities which are unique to university communities.  Issues of importance to university communities are economic development, transportation and infrastructure, sustainability, noise and other nuisances, housing and neighborhood concerns and partnerships between the university and the city or town.

Large Cities

The mission of the Large Cities Council is to ensure that the interests and issues of large communities are intrinsic to NLC's programs, services and policies, and to provide a place at NLC where large-community leaders can gather to share ideas and help one another solve problems.

At the Congress of Cities, the council will discuss design-build principles and applications in public projects, and how to go beyond the traditional public-private partnership approach to create a meaningful pitch, structure partnerships, engage the business community and see how political leadership plays a key role in shaping the outcome. 

Military Communities

The Military Communities Peer Networking Group is made up of cities from across the country that either host a military installation or have one nearby.  This group has focused on everything from best practices for working with the military, to mitigating the impacts of rapid growth on city infrastructure and opportunities for joint military/community projects, especially around supporting military families and returning veterans. 

This November conference session will focus on discussing what city leaders can do to ensure disabled and returning veterans have safe and accessible housing, drawing from NLC's field research and case studies, and examples from city leaders.  Attendees are encouraged to bring questions or best practice examples to share. 

Small Cities

NLC's Small Cities Council, for cities under 50,000 in population, works to ensure that the interests of small communities are reflected in NLC's overall policies and programs and provides a forum for sharing ideas and best practices among smaller communities.  Participants at the Congress of Cities meeting will have the opportunity to listen to speakers and to share their challenges and successes on a variety of topics that affect small cities in these tough economic times. 

First Tier Suburbs

The First Tier Suburbs Council represents cities and towns outside of central cities and inside the ring of developing suburbs and rural areas.  They share unique challenges and strengths that should be included in national, state and regional policy discussions.

This council will not meet separately at the conference, but attendees who are interested in learning more about the issues that first tier suburbs are facing are encouraged to attend the following workshops:

•                    Beyond Skills Mismatch: Connecting Workforce and Economic Development

•                    Supporting Families and Neighborhoods Through Strong Multi-Sector Partnerships

•                    Making Your City More Business Friendly

•                    Coping with Community Transformations and Population Shifts

•                    Closing the Gap: Addressing Disparities in Access to Critical Goods and Services

•                    Revitalizing Your Downtown

•                    Film Session: Lessons from the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

For more information on any of the conference meetings or the councils, please contact Member Services at or visit the councils webpage.