Leadership Training Seminar to Focus On Economic Development

by Katie Seeger McConnell

Economic development is about jobs and future prosperity - two things that local elected officials take very seriously. With that in mind, it is also a complex policy area that needs long-term vision and commitment while suffering from urgent calls for results, often for understandable reasons, like high unemployment. To do economic development well, cities need strategic elected leaders to help develop and communicate a common vision, provide committed policy and regulatory support and motivate stakeholders into action.

The upcoming Leadership Training Institute seminar in Manhattan Beach, Calif., May 17-19, will help local elected officials develop their leadership capacity in economic development.

And even while the fiscal climate is making it difficult for cities to implement large-scale, capital intensive economic development projects, this LTI will focus on the avenues available for local leaders to support economic growth and to better meet the needs of the business community, including:

  • Leverage online resources to market the community;
  • Work with key stakeholders and economic development staff;
  • Create better lines of communication with local businesses; and
  • Help examine how internal city functions can work together for economic development goals.
Leading scholars, economic development experts, business leaders and trainers will guide seminar participants through an engaging program that will examine workable solutions for communities. For a sneak preview of the content, check out Anatalio Ubalde's video from NLC's 2011 Congress of Cities.

Take advantage of reduced group rates (including buy two, get one free) and come as a team. Use the seminar as an opportunity for city officials and staff to learn together, get on the same page about critical economic development issues and be better equipped to translate new ideas into action back home. 

Details: To get details about a special registration rate for a team to attend from a region, please contact the Leadership Training Institute at (202) 626-3170 or lti@nlc.org.