June Declared Small Cities and Towns Month

NLC President Marie Lopez Rogers, Mayor of Avondale, AZ  in collaboration with NLC Small Cities Council Chair Ellen Polimeni, Mayor of Canandaigua, NY, has declared the month of June 2013 to be National Small Cities and Towns Month.  It is our hope that small cities and towns across the country will schedule events during this month to call attention to their efforts to build partnerships with the federal government and demonstrate how federal investment has made a difference to its citizens and the community as a whole.  The month will celebrate the accomplishments of the nation’s small communities and draw attention to the essential roles small cities and towns play in American life.

Mayor Polimeni will kick off the Small Cities and Towns Month celebrations by hosting community events and during the Small Cities Council Steering Committee summer meeting to be held in Canandaigua, NY June 12-15.  Steering committee members from small cities and towns across the nation will convene to discuss current challenges for smaller cities, share best practices, provide input to NLC’s policy and advocacy work, and tour successful programs in Canandaigua. We encourage you to adopt a city resolution, convene a press conference, or provide a tour to showcase a particular program or service that demonstrates how federal investment works in your community.  You can find sample resources including a sample press release and proclamation under the resources tab on the Small Cities Council page on our website.

Join us in this important NLC effort to recognize the value of investing in America’s small cities and towns.

Details: For information about joining the Small Cities Council, contact Mae Davis at mdavis@nlc.org; (202)626-3150 or Hana Watkins at Watkins@nlc.org; (202)626-3183.