Innovations in Public-Private Collaboration: The Edge for Business and Health of the Public

The nation's success in building healthy communities is impacted by the progress and dissemination of cutting edge private and public models and collaborations that are being developed today. Toward that end, Microsoft, an NLC Corporate Partner, in partnership with government and business leaders, foundations and though leaders, has facilitated forums in communities across the country (Miami, San Diego, and Chicago) focusing on cross-cutting approaches that contribute to building healthy communities.

We are witnessing the emergence of a new and exciting era of public-private partnerships at the intersection of business and public health. Building healthier communities, partners are improving health, economic and educational opportunity. Models extend to education, workforce, not for profit organizations and foundations. Synergies exist in both the challenges and opportunities facing these sectors economic and social components.

On June 21 from 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (EST), "Innovations in Public and Private Collaboration: The Edge for Business and Health of the Public" will be convened in Washington D.C. Public and private innovators, including principals from earlier forums, will participate. This forum will be live streamed nationally and will review multiple models of collaboration that improve outcomes, access, care and costs: from Community to Business (San Diego); from Business to Community (General Electric); from Health to Education (Miami). 

Cutting edge approaches to wellness and prevention will be explored. Innovation in research, program design, social entrepreneurship models, financing, business approaches, messaging and scaling public communication will be discussed. Presenters include private and public leaders from organizations including Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanent, InterCare, the Minority Quality Business Forum, Health Choice Network, General Electric, SingleStop USA, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Healthy You Now. 

To participate in this live streaming event, go to