How Busy Professionals Can Stay Current

One of the greatest challenges facing professional city administratoImage is to meet the day-to-day demands of operating a city and at the same time keeping current with new developments and research in their field. 

The National League of Cities has negotiated an agreement with the academic journal, State and Local Government Review (SLGR), to help you do exactly that. SLGR was founded nearly half a century ago by the applied public service organization, Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia. 

SLGR was acquired by SAGE in 2010 and is now available to more than 7,000 institutional and individual subscribers around the world. SLGR is the official journal of the Section in Intergovernmental Management of the American Society for Public Administration.

Meeting the Needs of Working Professionals

SLGR publishes four issues per year with three categories of articles: general interest articles, Governance Matters articles, and Reviews and Essays.

The general interest articles are heavily edited to make them as efficient as possible and free of jargon or academic language. The relevance of the findings for professionals is highlighted.  A good example of one of our general interest articles is:

Managing through Collaborative Networks: A Twenty-First Century Mandate for Local Government” by Michael Abels
[State and Local Government Review August 2012 44: 29S-43S, first published on April 23, 2012 doi:10.1177/0160323X12442517]

The Governance Matters section publishes articles of special interest to practitioners.  Each issue of SLGR includes a Governance Matters section that examines a timely issue facing professionals. Frequently, practitioners contribute articles to highlight their experiences with the topic that is the focus of that issue. The Governance Matters articles are among the most widely read articles published in SLGR.  A good example of a current Governance Matters section is:

Governance Challenges and Options for State and Local Governments” by Bruce J. Perlman
[State and Local Government Review December 2010 42: 246-257, doi:10.1177/0160323X10390050]

The Reviews and Essays section is also published in each issue and will help keep you current on the literature by providing you with summaries of important current topics facing the field of public administration.  One recent Reviews and Essays article interviewed a panel of professionals to provide a detailed discussion of the usefulness of academic research for professionals. This article is available for you to read:

Increasing the Usefulness of Academic Scholarship for Local Government Practitioners,” by Junfeng Wang, Beverly S. Bunch, and Christopher Stream [State and Local Government Review September 2013 45: 197-213, doi:10.1177/0160323X13500771]

SLGR also provides podcasts that examine important issues facing the field.  A podcast that includes the participants of the panel that provided input for the R&E article on academic research for professionals can be located at:

Access to State and Local Government Review

Members of NLC can receive a 30% discount off the individual subscription price of SLGR.
The code is NLC30 and applies to both combined and electronic individual subscriptions to the journal.  The expiration date for the offer is December 31, 2016.  

Current individual prices are $60 for combined electronic and print access and $54 for electronic-only access for four issues per year. With the discount, these prices will be $42 for combined and $37.80 for electronic only. Subscribers will need to purchase a regular individual subscription via this page:

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About the author: Michael J. Scicchitano is the Editor of State and Local Government Review and Director of the Florida Survey Research Center at the University of Florida. Follow SLGR on Twitter at @SLGReview.