Get Your City Featured in NLC's 2013 Calendar!

Want your city featured in NLC’s 2013 calendar?

We are currently seeking cities to feature in the 2013 NLC calendar, which will be sent to all member cities. 

The theme for this year’s calendar is “Open Space and/or Natural Beauty in Your Community.” 

Please submit a photo from your municipality that fits this theme.  We also request that you submit the name of your mayor or chief elected official, plus a 2-4 sentence description of your photo.  (Please keep in mind that the quality of the photo itself is of great significance in this contest since it will be so prominently featured on the calendar, so that will be a major factor in the decision of the contest winners.)

Any staff or elected officials from an NLC member city may submit an entry.

All entries must be emailed to Alison Scher by Wednesday, October 31, 2012.