Futurist to Address Austin Attendees in November

Cities today are not the same as cities fifty years ago, or even ten years ago, for that matter. In our rapidly changing society, the very essence of cities and towns is changing before our eyes. In many ways the transformation is positive, but city leaders must sift through the noise and identify the trends that will make the most impact for residents. Embracing change and adapting: it’s at the heart of how cities must strategize to meet the demands of the coming years. That’s why the theme of this year’s Congress of Cities is “The Future of Cities.”

NLC is proud to feature Futurist Mike Walsh as our opening keynote speaker for the Congress of Cities and Exposition this November in Austin, Texas.  As a global authority on 21st century business, author of Futuretainment and CEO of Tomorrow, an innovation research lab, Walsh will undoubtedly stimulate your thinking.

A self-described global nomad who is continuously conducting live research in the trenches, Walsh is an expert on the intersection of emerging technologies, consumer and human behavior and fast growth markets. He constantly travels the world for the best ideas, distilling the most relevant insights into a blueprint that he will share to help local leaders understand and influence the future of cities, particularly over the next five years.

He will speak to local leaders in Austin with a focus on cities and towns. What do you as a local leader need to be thinking about as you look five years out?  How does your city need to react to trends to make the most meaningful and effective decisions? With his incredible insight, Walsh will bend the minds of local leaders, introducing inspirational new ways of thinking and viewing the world in which we live.

Walsh will kick off the conference with the opening general session keynote address on Thursday afternoon, November 20th from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m.

Prepare to have your notions challenged in the most unexpected way in this session and throughout the conference. 

Register or learn more at the conference website. The early bird deadline is this Friday, July 18th, so act now for the best rate!