CityFutures Panel to Address Livability at the Congressional City

by Lara Malakoff 

NLC offers a variety of ways to learn and engage with peers around the unique issues that affect communities. Local officials can get involved in these member councils, panels and networks at the 2012 Congressional City Conference.

One such network is the CityFutures Panel on Community and Regional Development. The panel's mission is to foster and shape a broader and more visible public discourse about local government roles in the development and governance of regions, specifically related to sustainability, housing, land use, economic development and transportation. In 2012, the panel will address the cross-cutting issue of livability and its implications for cities and regions.

The 2012 panel is led by Mary McComber, councilmember, Oak Park Heights, Minn., chair, and Matt Appelbaum, mayor, Boulder, Colo., vice-chair. A meeting will be held at the Congressional City Conference on Monday March 12, from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. At the meeting, Bill Hudnut, former four-term mayor of Indianapolis, Congressman, author, think tank fellow and NLC past president will present on the topic of livability within the context of broad metropolitan change, and a group discussion about this issue will follow. Interested individuals are invited to attend the meeting and become involved with the panel. 

Details: For more information about the panel and its mission, contact Lara Malakoff