Cities’ Jobs Response: Strong Economy Requires Much Stronger Job Growth

Washington, DC - The following statement is from Marie Lopez Rogers, President of the National League of Cities, and Mayor of Avondale, AZ in response to April's unemployment report:

"While the unemployment numbers released today are encouraging and a step forward, it remains evident that we are far from a full economic recovery. The tepid growth in the employment rate reinforces what city leaders have been saying for months: an austerity budget caused by sequestration and a lingering budget debate continue to weigh on the economy. A strong economy requires much stronger job growth. Local leaders and local businesses want leadership and action from Washington, not the continued uncertainty surrounding the budget and the ongoing deficit debate.

"While cities remain focused on strengthening local economies and fostering economic development within our communities, we need strong partners in Washington who will pass legislation that will spur economic growth. The country cannot have a full recovery without a balanced approach that includes targeted, smart investments.

"Next week the Senate will vote on the Marketplace Fairness Act. We strongly urge the Senate, and the House to pass this critical legislation quickly. This bill will not only return local revenues to local communities that will enable us to invest in our schools, infrastructure, and programs that improve the quality of life for our residents, but even more importantly, it will provide balance and fairness to our small businesses which will drive job creation in our communities."

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