Cities Jobs Response: Slow Growth Creates an Impetus to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff

Washington, DC - The following statement is from Marie Lopez Rogers, president of the National League of Cities, and mayor of Avondale, AZ in response to today's unemployment report:

"Today's unemployment report shows the country moving in the right direction, though with too slow of a pace. This slow growth is reason enough to explore every possibility to avoid the fiscal cliff.

"Local officials have dealt with increased demands and tight budgets for years. They have found ways to act as prudent managers and make the necessary investments in their communities. It is time for Congress and the Administration to do the same.

"There has been a broad chorus from across the nation and across interests, calling on Washington to prevent the automatic spending cuts from taking effect and potentially throwing the nation into another recession.

"The nation needs a balanced plan that tackles the deficit while promoting job growth through community investments. Investments like workforce education, which trains workers to compete in the next generation of jobs, along with infrastructure investments that put people back to work while improving the ability of business to move products around the country. These are long overdue investments that will act as building blocks and lay a foundation for future growth that will be fruitful for decades to come."

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