Cities’ Jobs Response: Immigration Reform Can Provide Needed Boost to Economy

Washington, DC - The following statement is from Marie Lopez Rogers, President of the National League of Cities, and Mayor of Avondale, AZ in response to May's unemployment report:

"Today's unemployment report reveals that we continue to make strides in rebuilding the U.S. economy-yet it remains evident that we must accelerate this progress. Stronger growth and more robust job creation cannot occur without strategic, targeted investments in our communities and our workforce that are represented by our nation's congressional leaders.

"Further, it demands leaders in Washington who are willing to pass legislation that can provide our economy the jolt it needs to hasten this economic turnaround. Adopting common sense immigration reform would be one example of an immediate solution to a lagging economy-policies that will enable us to attract new talent and strengthen our workforce.

"As the immigration debate moves to the Senate floor next week, we continue to call on our Senators and Representatives to recognize the value that immigration reform will have on our economy. Immigrants play a critical role in business development, contributing to our local economies, and improving our communities-all critical to supporting a growing economy. The nation needs immigration reform now; our economy depends on it."

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