Cities Applaud President Obama’s Commitment to Increase Broadband Access

Washington, D.C. - Today in Cedar Falls, Iowa, President Obama announced his plan to promote fast and affordable broadband access in more communities across the country. The National League of Cities (NLC) has long supported efforts to increase access to broadband because of its vital role in supporting economic growth and educational opportunities in communities. The following statement is attributed to Clarence E. Anthony, CEO & Executive Director of the National League of Cities:

"We applaud the president for prioritizing the importance of broadband access and acknowledging the work of city leaders in meeting local technology needs, including through municipal broadband networks.

"Broadband is a critical pillar of the information infrastructure that 21st century cities need to thrive in our global economy. Local leaders understand best what their communities' information technology needs are, which can include providing enhanced broadband access, digital literacy training and opportunities to leverage technology for development opportunities.

"Whether the broadband access is provided by a private provider or by the local government, by meeting their residents' technology needs, local leaders are driving positive economic changes in their communities."

The president's announcement comes at a time NLC is working to help cities develop advanced communications systems to meet the complex demands of today's information economy. For more information on NLC's efforts, read our Municipal Broadband Blog Series.

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