Application Process Begins for NLC Officers and Board of Directors

Press Release
Press Release

The application process for 2015 NLC Officers and Board of Directors is now officially underway. The 15-person Nominating Committee, appointed by NLC President Chris Coleman, Mayor, Saint Paul, Minn., will be announced later in September.

Leadership Positions Open

The NLC Officers are president, first vice president, second vice president, immediate past president and all past presidents who still serve in elected city office.  Among the officers, the open position of second vice president is normally contested; the NLC president and first vice president positions usually rotate upward.

The NLC bylaws also provide for a 40-member Board of Directors, serving staggered two-year terms. Eight members of the 40-member Board are state municipal league executive directors. Generally, each year 20 members of the Board of Directors are elected for a two-year term, including four state municipal league executive directors.

As a reminder, the 2009 NLC Governance Task Force recommendations, approved by the NLC Board of Directors in November 2009, now enable current Board members, who are completing their first term, and former Board members to stand for re-election for a second two-year term. There is a four-year maximum lifetime service as a member of the NLC Board of Directors. The two Board terms do not have to be consecutive. 

Candidate Data Forms Due October 21

All candidates for NLC Officer and Board of Director positions must complete an online Candidate Data Form. This form is used to ensure that the Nominating Committee has consistent background information on all candidates. 

The NLC Officer and Board of Director Candidate Information Packet, which includes Candidate Guidelines and the Candidate Data Form, is available on NLC's website.

In addition, the approved 2009 NLC Governance Task Force recommendations stipulate that all Officer and Board Candidate Data Forms be received by NLC no later than three weeks prior to the start of the annual Congress of Cities -- October 21. Consequently, this means that NLC will no longer accept Candidate Data Forms during the Congress of Cities. This is a procedural change from previous years. This new deadline requirement will enable NLC to assemble the candidate information for the Nominating Committee in advance of the Congress of Cities. 

The Nominating Process

The Nominating Committee will convene for a public hearing on Thursday, November 20, at 6:30 p.m., during the Congress of Cities in Austin, Texas, to receive nominations for NLC Officers and Board of Directors. All candidates for office will address the Nominating Committee to present their credentials. Candidates for an Officer position will have five minutes to address the Nominating Committee, and Board of Director candidates will have three minutes. 

The Nominating Committee will then meet in closed session on Friday, November 21, to develop its recommended slate of candidates. The recommended slate of candidates will be distributed broadly during the conference shortly after the committee finishes its work that Friday afternoon. The slate of candidates will be presented to the voting delegates for action on Saturday, November 22, at the Annual Business Meeting. 

All individuals interested in running for an Officer or Board position are urged to contact their state municipal league first for advice, guidance and support. The next step is to complete and submit a Candidate Data Form to NLC as soon as possible, but no later than October 21.

For More Information

For more information about the application, nominating and election process, contact the NLC Executive Office: Antoinette Samuel at 202-626-3030;, or Carla Smith at 202-626-3179;

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