Setting a Precedent in These Unprecedented Times

August 27, 2020

It’s a week before the holiday season of 2019. You are preparing for celebrations and a new year. The thought of an impending crisis didn’t even exist in your mind.

What a difference half a year makes! Now, city officials are facing issues they may not have ever anticipated, and certainly had not adequately prepared for. Unprecedented times? That’s one way of describing it. You probably have your own.  

There should no longer be any doubt about the safety benefits of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during this pandemic. Despite certain sentiments, masks have time and time again proven to be your most effective tool in protecting yourself and others from COVID-19. Your vulnerable employees and citizens are expecting you to do everything possible to ensure their safety. 

City employees, from office personnel (both on-site and remote) and first responders to sanitation workers and recreational staff must have ongoing access to the PPE they need in order to do their jobs properly and stay healthy so your citizens trust them. SC Health will work closely with you to decide which PPE items you need to keep on hand and well-stocked. 

In order to keep your city’s residents safe, they need to know that the officials they trust are acting responsibly regarding the use of PPE. This means every city official needs to lead by example by actively wearing a mask, following social distancing guidelines, and following other ‘safe conduct’ procedures. Plus, city representatives often travel to other jurisdictions, where it is also essential that they set a good example when representing their own city by using PPE as prescribed by a formal policy. 

SC Health will help you develop a new PPE policy or assist you in refining the one you already have in place. We even have our own HR expert on the team for this specific purpose. 

By offering NLC members vital PPE backed by exemplary service and the best pricing, SC Health will become a trusted source to help you meet your goals of protecting employees and citizens during this challenging new time, while also planning for any troubling future scenarios. 


To learn more, contact Cole Yungmann, Vice President of Marketing for SC Health, at (443)-545-6901. Please visit our web page highlighting our NLC partnership at