NLC should start:

  • Setting measurable NLC-wide and center-wide goals and tracking our performance in meeting specific benchmarks with good data
  • Ensuring internal and external accountability:
    • How are all staff accountable for a collaborative process and a stronger end product?
    • What is the ROI for NLC?  For members?
  • Strengthening feedback loops: communicating successes and learning from failures
  • Using analytics on our website to improve what we offer and how members and NLC’s broader audience engage with NLC
  • Utilizing third party evaluators to assess the organization to get unbiased opinions and new ideas
  • Review vendor contracts to make sure we’re getting the best value and take member experience into account (e.g., registering for the conferences)

NLC should stop:

  • Using the current performance evaluation system; should be overhauled to encourage ongoing feedback and accountability
  • Measuring success in dollars