About the Center


Conducting research and informing city leaders about the structure, health, and factors affecting city finances so that they can make better financial decisions.

Economic Development

Enhancing local officials' capacity as economic development policy makers by exploring the local policies, practices, and roles that help build economically competitive cities.

Governance & Civic Engagement

Strengthening local democracy by involving residents in government and public life and developing inclusive and collaborative relationships built on trust between citizens and government.

Housing & Community Development

Providing tools and resources that help city leaders foster and maintain the livability and quality of life that defines the unique character of their communities.

Immigrant Integration

Serving as a resource for city leaders and community based organizations seekg to promote civic engagement and naturalization among immigrants.


Helping cities work with all levels of government to provide the transportation, water and sewer, and communication systems needed to succeed.


Serving as a catalyst for action and a source of information for local officials to achieve environmental quality, economic development, social equity, and a sustainable future for their communities.