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REAL Tactical Team

The National League of Cities (NLC), through our Race, Equity and Leadership (REAL) Tactical Team, works on the ground in cities, to help local leaders develop and implement a customized three-phase racial equity plan that fits your city’s specific needs and capacity. We are here to strengthen your capacity as local leaders, so that you are equipped to effectively lead and serve an inclusive, thriving and healthy community.

REAL brings a wealth of substantial relevant experience and expertise, including leadership engagement; implementation of a comprehensive racial equity process; analyses of city infrastructures for advancing racial equity; training and access to racial equity and racial healing experts and resources. 

What the Tactical Team Does:

  • Trains local elected officials on how to analyze policies through the lens of racial equity.
  • Connects your city to local voices in your region who specialize in racial equity and healing.
  • Guides your city through a 3-step process toward crafting a locally-developed plan of action.
  • Facilitates the discussions necessary to finding the solutions that will address your city’s unique challenges.

What the Tactical Team Does NOT Do:

  • Tell your city it has a “problem.”
  • Dictate what your city plan must include.
  • Provide a one-size fits all approach to racial equity.


Three Phases of Developing a Local Racial Equity Plan

Phase I: Planning and Leadership Development Phase

REAL will conduct an initial assessment and that examines the existing structures and capacity of your city to advance racial equity. Our staff will help the city to identify a core local leadership team who will lead the process with a local voice and offer opportunities for the leadership team to participate in a racial equity leadership training series that strengthens their knowledge and capacity to move forward with a racial equity plan.

Phase II: Racial Equity Plan Development

The REAL team will work with the city to review the existing capacity to disaggregate data by race and ethnicity. Our staff will support the city’s efforts to design a conversation series that engages both city and community leaders concurrently in a process committed to both racial healing and structural change. Providing a series of leadership training, the REAL staff will also facilitate discussions and advise local leaders who want to use a racial equity lens when examining potential policy changes (i.e., policing, workforce development, education, infrastructure, housing, transportation, economic development, etc.). Our staff will work with the city and community to ensure the racial equity plan developed collaboratively and reflects the deliberative process to engage as many people within the city and community as possible.

Phase III: Racial Equity Plan Implementation

Finally, our staff will provide assistance in making locally sourced plans become a reality in your city. This includes working with the city to develop  a communication’s plan and a strategy for creating metrics and accountability.

The REAL staff will work with the city to the turn recommendations in phase two into implemented procedures and policies. Our goal is to leave your city with an institutionalized forum for further dialogue between various populations within your city and finalize aworking group structure that encourages collaborative work and having recommendations from your local plan turned into actual policy changes.

More Questions?

For more information about REAL's Tactical Team, please contact Leon Andrews at andrews@nlc.org.