Protect Federal Investment in Cities

photo - Main Street, USA
photo - Main Street, USA

Congress listened to America’s cities and rejected most of the devastating cuts proposed in the administration’s budget; however, they were unable to approve a federal budget or send any of the twelve annual federal spending bills to the President for enactment before the new fiscal year as required by law.  To ensure the continuation of government operations into the new fiscal year, and to provide additional time to consider and debate federal spending levels, Congress passed a short-term Continuing Resolution that extends federal government operations until December 8, 2017.  

That means there still time for local leaders to come together and continue to tell Congress that we need a partner who understands the impact of continued federal investment in cities.

Check the current status of federal funding for city programs:

NLC Budget Tracker

NLC is prepared to fight every step of the way — but we still need the help of city leaders across the country. Use this action guide to learn how the proposed budget cuts could impact cities and how you can advocate for federal investments in cities. The resources that follow will provide you with the tools necessary to join in our effort to #FightTheCuts.

Action Guide to #FightTheCuts
Report Back

Was your op-ed published in your hometown newspaper? Did you meet with your member of Congress or take them on a site visit of a local project funded by federal investments? We want to know!

Send an email to Ashley Smith with a short description of the advocacy action you completed, so we can help highlight your efforts with Congress.