2018 NLC-RISC Staff Conference

Oct. 22-24, 2018

Little Rock, Arkansas


Monday, Oct. 22

New Staff Orientation

Working Session: Getting to Why—Driving a Data & Analytics Strategy for Every Area of Your Pooling Organization

Managing Medical Stop Loss for Member Health Pools

General Session: Augmenting the Future of Pooling with New Technology

Augmented Intelligence: Developing your Automation Plan

Federal vs. State Court Jurisdiction: Strategic Considerations

Capital Modeling for Your Pool

Pool Strategies for Addressing Mental Health and PTSD for First Responders

Underwriting New and Unusual Risks

Working Session: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Big (and Small) Data – Optimizing Data for Use in Pool Operations


Tuesday, Oct. 23

General Session: The Evolution of Cyber Risk

Interactive Workshop: Enhancing Your Pool’s Cyber Risk Underwriting and Loss Control Efforts

The Tactics of Your For-Profit Competitors—and How to Combat Them

“Our Five Best Cards” (Poker Anyone?): Developing Actionable Reports and Analytics to Support Pool Operations

General Session: Unconscious and Systemic Bias

Managing Unconscious Bias in the World of Public Safety

Interactive Workshop: Developing Your Brand and Message

Federal Statutory, Regulatory, and Legal Update

Leveraging Health Pool Data to Improve Health and Wellness Outcomes: A Facilitated Conversation


Wednesday, Oct. 24

    General Session: Mission-Driven Leadership

    Lessons Learned from the LMCIT Metro Gang Strike Force Story

    Cultivating a Workplace of Civility and Respect–Training is Only the Beginning

    Everybody Loves Equity

    Digitizing the Employee Benefit Experience: Trends and Technologies for the Multi-Generational Workplace

    Managing Your Workplace for the Future: Key Staffing Challenges and Opportunities in Pooling

    Going Off the Deep End: The Role of Pools in the Face of Regional Disasters

    Pool Show & Share

    Say What?  Freedom of Speech in the Public Workplace (Including Social Media)

    Addressing the Opioid Crisis