2013 Constituency Group Fees and Events

Constituency Groups are networks of individual NLC members who like to share their common governance interests, best practice solutions and problem-solving approaches for diverse communities in their hometowns.  The groups, led by annually elected Officers and Boards, meet at both NLC annual conferences and sponsor special activities throughout the year. Constituency group fees can only be paid by fully registered delegates. Fees shown can be paid by the various groups' members and nonmembers. Tickets are required for some of these events.

The five constituency groups are:


Constituency Group Events 
(Fees applicable to members and nonmembers.)

Activity Fee

APAMO Reception


GLBTLO Reception


HELO Reception


NBC-LEO Events


WIMG Luncheon


Celebrate Diversity Breakfast


Learn more about NLC constituency groups and view their Congressional City Conference schedules. If you have questions about how to join a constituency group, contact constituencygroups@nlc.org.