2012 NLC-RISC Staff Conference

October 22-24, 2012

Charleston, South Carolina



Pre-Conference Sessions:

New Staff Orientation (Jeff Thompson)

Succession Planning for Pools (Sara Peterson)

Concurrent Sessions:

A Looming Crisis? Cancer Presumption for Public Safety (Bill Heberton)

Free Speech Retaliation Claims: What are Public Employees' Rights? (Trish Holland)

Managing Member Bad Faith Claims So They Don't Manage You (Jim Jolly)

Below 100: Strategies for Reducing Law Enforcement Injuries and Deaths (Travis Yates and Steve Lee)

Planning for Disaster: Preparing Your Pool and Members (Josh Smith)


Concurrent Sessions:

Law Enforcement Responses to People with Mental Illness (Ron Honberg)

Supervisors on Trial . . . Employment Liability Concerns for Pools and Their Members (Kirk Mylander and Steve Norman)

Adapting City Government to Difficult Economic Times: Implications for Pools (Panel: Bob Anspach, Tom Dwyer, Mike Forster, Pete Tritz)


General Session:

Local Government and Cyber Vulnerability: Is it Real or Just All Hype? (Kelvin Coleman and Kristin Judge)

Concurrent Sessions:

Building a Culture of Wellness: Beyond the Benefits of Health and the Future of Worksite Wellness (Paul Terry)

Managing Litigation for Optimal Outcomes (Panel: Sherri Butler, Brian Gaviglio, Steve Lee, Mark Rauch, Claire Reiss)

Marketing and Selling Your Pool: Reaching Your Target Audience to Build Member Loyalty (Michelle Bechamps)

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Strategies for Controlling Workers' Compensation Costs (Panel: Mike Bratcher, Bill Heberton, Jeff Hovey, Kate Fiehrer Walton)

Selling Your Pool: Effective Sales Techniques for Pool Staff (Michael Kilfoyle)

Developing Coverage Language that Works for Your Pool (J.R. Murphy)