2011 Congressional City Conference

Corporate Partners Room

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NLC President James Mitchell, Councilman, Charlotte, NC, visited with the partners on March 14, 2011.

  (L to R) Ryan Davids, Vice President, Business Development, UR Vehicle Management Solutions, Howard Peak, Executive Director, State and Local Government Affairs, AT&T, Councilman James Mitchell, Joe Braverman, Vice President, Sales, UR Vehicle Management Solutions
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NLC Second Vice President Marie Lopez Rogers, Mayor, Avondale, AZ, visited with the partners on March 15, 2011.
  (L to R) Ryan Davids, Mayor Marie Lopez Rogers, Joe 

 A.S.K. A Corporate Partner: Consultations For Answers, Solutions, and Knowledge

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Sixteen corporate partners were available for one-on-one
consultations with conference attendees on March 14. 
Over 40 connections were made at this session.

    Rich Leadbeater, Manager, Government Trade Associations,
ESRI, meets with two conference attendees.

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Cynthia Stewart, Director, Community Relations, 
International Council of Shopping Centers, meets with a 
conference attendee. 
  Wayne Goeller, Marketing Executive, IBM, and Sam 
LeStourgeon, Senior Solutions Executive, IBM, at one of their