2011 City Showcase Participants - Arizona Cities and Towns

NLC proudly featured a local contingent of innovative city programs from Arizona cities and towns as part of the 2011 City Showcase.

Maricopa Association of Governments - Phoenix Regional Collaboration
The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) is a Council of Governments (COG) that serves as the regional agency for the metropolitan Phoenix area. Additionally, MAG is the designated metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for transportation planning in the Maricopa County region. As the regional planning agency of Maricopa County, MAG aims to educate the public on issues that transcend geographical boundaries such as transportation, human services, and air quality. While at public events, MAG conducts surveys of attendees to help shape the future of transportation funding in the region.

Phoenix: Living Like It Matters! Saving Energy and Building Sustainability - Phoenix, Arizona
The City of Phoenix has a long-standing commitment to energy conservation, energy efficiency, and environmental preservation. Phoenix demonstrates its commitment to environmental stewardship through sustainability programs that have helped us to thrive in our unique and beautiful desert environment. Phoenix has long used sustainability as a guiding principle, believing that sustainable living is critical to ensure that the actions we take today do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Learn how Phoenix reaffirms its sustainability motto, "Living Like it Matters!" through its current programs and future plans.

Perimeter Connector Trail - Sierra Vista, Arizona
The Perimeter Connector Trail project provides access from the city of Sierra Vista to the U.S. Forest Service recreational areas and trails and the Miller Peak Wilderness. There are private and state properties that separate the city from these areas and the Connector Trail utilizes Fort Huachuca property to bypass those properties. The trail meanders through a one-mile long, 25 foot wide fenced corridor. A Use License was required from the U.S. Army. The trail is open to hikers, bicyclists, and equestrian users and motorized equipment is not allowed.

City of Glendale Conservation and Sustainable Living Program - Glendale, Arizona
The newly established Glendale Conservation and Sustainable Living (CSL) office provides programs to educate residents, businesses and neighborhoods about good environmental practices. Within its first two years, CSL obtained grants and garnered enthusiastic support from partners, volunteers, and interns to provide outreach programs and direct services that successfully foster sustainable behaviors and encourage conservation. The use of community-based social marketing tools and techniques has ensured sustained results by using fresh and new approaches to meet the needs of residents. The successful promotion and adoption of sustainable behaviors leads to a more resource-efficient community, improving our economic future and encouraging a balanced and community-connected lifestyle.

iMesa helps you Build a Better Mesa - Mesa, Arizona
Mayor Scott Smith launched iMesa at his annual Mayor's Breakfast and issued a call to action for residents to engage in a process - iMagine, iNvest, iMprove - to Build a Better Mesa. Part of the iMesa strategy is to use technology to engage residents like never before. iMesa is designed to invigorate Mesa through transformative community projects. It is a grassroots investment and improvement effort where residents submit, vote and comment on ideas that will transform the community.

Partnering to Create Sustainable Multifamily Housing - Phoenix, Arizona
Working with development partners, existing and new multifamily communities are being retrofitted and constructed with "green" and sustainable elements. The goals of these projects are to provide diversified and affordable housing opportunities to individuals and families that create stability in their lives and economic independence, while contributing to the environmental sustainability of Phoenix.

Volunteer Phoenix! For a Better - Greener Tomorrow - Phoenix, Arizona
The City of Phoenix depends on the civic engagement of its citizens to help foster a better - greener Phoenix! With a variety of volunteer options and programs, the community is able to quickly view and inquire about opportunities city wide. Opportunities ranging from helping preserve parks and neighborhoods to being part of a detailed road map to achieve an average 25% shade canopy coverage for the entire city. Learn how volunteerism efforts create a healthier, more livable and prosperous Phoenix.

Water Services: New Innovations in an Age of Austerity - Phoenix, Arizona
The City of Phoenix Water Services Department is responsible for Phoenix's water and wastewater programs. The water program provides a safe and adequate domestic water supply to all residents in the water service area. The wastewater program assists in providing a clean, healthy environment through the effective management and treatment of wastewater. Learn ways that Water Services is working to increase efficiency in both demand management and reclaimed water usage.

Art Works: Culture Connects and Every Purcha$e Matters! - Phoenix, Arizona
The Office of Arts and Culture and the Office of Environmental Programs (OEP), functions of the City Manager's Office, work to improve the quality of life in Phoenix through green initiatives, such as award-winning Public Art projects that promote a green sustainable environment, by incorporating shade elements or recycled materials; and the award winning Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Program, one of over 80 efforts in the city's sustainability program, designed to encourage city departments to "think green" by purchasing and using environmentally friendly products and vendors.

PHX Sky Train, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport - Phoenix, Arizona
The city of Phoenix Aviation Department will showcase the PHX Sky Train, which will debut in early 2013 at America's Friendliest Airport®. The train will create a new gateway to Sky Harbor at the 44th and Washington streets station. Stage One will transport visitors and employees between Metro light rail, east economy parking and Terminal 4, which serves 80% of Sky Harbor's passengers.

Higher Education Partnerships and Downtown Development - Phoenix, Arizona
Over the last seven years the City of Phoenix has been dedicated to increasing educational opportunities, better preparing the workforce for the knowledge economy and revitalizing the urban core as part of a $4 billion reinvestment in downtown. The City has found great success in partnering with both Arizona State University and the University of Arizona to achieve these regional goals. It has only been through this shared commitment to the success of the Valley and State that this partnership has delivered significant benefits for the community.