The Office of State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) launched the District's Reengagement Center in 2014 to re-engage some 7,500 out-of-school youth.

Many cities are home to a large number of young adults who have not finished school, and lack a clear pathway to do so. In response, a growing number of cities have put specific strategies in place for these youth. These efforts include the establishment of one-stop reengagement centers or virtual equivalents that offer a range of services, including referrals to school completion options and support to re-enroll. 

As Network hub, NLC assists cities in exploring and pursuing reengagement policy and programming through: 

  • Technical assistance for strategy and goal setting
  • Guidance as to best use of an extensive library of examples and models
  • Referrals to peers and consultants
  • Adopting the common accountability framework
  • Participating in Network conference calls and in-person meetings
  • Participating in the annual Reengagement Plus! Convening

Network participants come from reengagement program sponsors or host agencies including city departments, school districts, nonprofit organizations and community colleges.

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