Pass A Clean Continuing Resolution Now!

The federal government shutdown has many potential implications for cities. It shows a lack of leadership in Washington and ignores the issues important to cities. Use these resources to get you started in telling your Congressional delegation to pass a clean continuing resolution.

Impact on Cities

Top 100 metro areas with government and military workersSource: Washington Post

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Blog Posts

Congress: Take a Page from Cities and Lead

by Clarence Anthony

This government shutdown is appalling. First, we hoped it wouldn’t happen and that Congress would arrive at a common sense solution at the last minute. Now, we simply hope it won’t last too long. Read more »

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How to Tweet

Include your Congressional Member's twitter handle and write your own tweet or use one of these sample tweets:

Pass a #CleanCR. No more manufactured crisis @leagueofcities

We need govt working, not #shutdown. Pass a #CleanCR @leagueofcities

#CitiesLead, why can’t Congress? Pass a #CleanCR @leagueofcities

No more fighting settled issues. Focus on driving growth & pass a #CleanCR @leagueofcities