Clarksburg, W. Va. Reaches Savings Milestone in NLC Prescription Discount Card Program

June 18, 2012
Clarksburg, W. Va. Reaches Savings Milestone in NLC Prescription Discount Card Program

The National League of Cities (NLC) honored the City of Clarksburg, W. Va. last week for the being the first city in country to save residents more than $1/2 million on the cost of their prescriptions through the NLC Prescription Discount Card Program. The total savings to residents of Clarksburg as of June 15, 2012 was $510,697.

The city was recognized with a plaque from NLC that was presented at a special city council meeting held as part of the city's celebration of West Virginia day. "We're pleased to have joined with Clarksburg to help so many residents by offering a program that provides significant cost savings," said NLC Executive Director Donald J. Borut. "We anticipate that the NLC program will continue to grow and bring welcome relief to residents of Clarksburg."

"The NLC Prescription Discount Card Program has been a great program for our residents," said James C. Hunt, Clarksburg councilmember and NLC past president. "Rarely do I attend a gathering without someone relating to me a story about how they or their family saved money with the program." 

Nationally, the program is currently available in 588 NLC member cities across the country and has saved residents of those cities nearly $10 million. The discount card can be used by persons without health insurance or those with insurance that have prescriptions not covered by their insurance. There are no enrollment forms or membership fees and no restrictions or limitations on the card. Some prescriptions for pets are also covered.

The NLC prescription discount card provides an average savings of 23 percent off the retail price of prescriptions and is accepted at more than 60,000 participating retail pharmacies nationwide. The average dollar savings to Clarksburg residents was $14.97 per prescription.

"In challenging economic times like these, it is heartening to see so many residents take advantage of this free program," said Patsy Trecost, mayor of Clarksburg. "Not only are our residents receiving significant savings on their prescription medications by using this card, they are also reporting that it is extremely easy to use."

The NLC Prescription Discount Card Program is provided as a member service of NLC and is easy to implement. Everything needed to get started and launch the program is provided at no cost to the city, including customized city discount cards and posters, sample press releases, a sample page for the city website and more. 

The role of the city is to promote the program through the local media and the city web site, city newsletters and other communications with residents and to make the prescription discount cards available at locations throughout the city (city hall, libraries, community centers, etc.) to those residents who might benefit from the program. Upon launching the program, participating cities receive monthly data on savings to residents.

Details: To learn more about the NLC Prescription Discount Card Program or to sign up for the program, visit Prescription Discount Card Program or contact Marc Shapiro, Program Director, 202-626-3019 or e-mail: