Mailing List Sales

The NLC Municipal Officials Database is an important resource to facilitate a vital link with our membership.  It is continuously updated throughout the year as a result of constant interaction with our members, annual surveys and telephone interviews.

The Municipal Officials Database includes all NLC direct member cities and other cities with populations greater than 10,000.  Therefore, your message will reach decision-makers from over 3,500 cities.  All lists and labels purchased from NLC Mailing List sales will include the most recent names, titles and addresses for the functions you select.

NLC's list contains over thirty different municipal job titles (functions), including department heads and directors, making it possible for you to target the decision-makers.  The following table provides the available city function codes (figures in parentheses indicate number of datafiles for each particular function). 

 Mayor (3,508) Fire Chief (3,568)  Economic Development Dir. (989)
 Council Presiding Officer (419) Emergency Prep. Director (912) Housing Director (740) 
 City Councilmember (20,755) Public Works Director (2,658)  Planning Director (1,722) 
 City Manager (3,933)     City Engineer (1,582)  Social Services Director (448) 
 Asst to Mayor (1,062) Building Inspector (2,472)  Youth Services Director (483) 
 Asst to City Manager (1,287) Public Utility Director (674) Purchasing Director (1,056)
 Asst to City Council (760) Wastewater Director (928) Information Technology Dir. (1,281)
 Finance Director (2,613) Parks & Recreation Director (2,197) Human Resources Director (1,624)
 City Clerk (3,765) City Library Director (1,143)  City Attorney (3,881) 
 Police Chief (4,034) Community Development Dir. (1,406)   Treasurer (609)


Datafiles and mailing lists may be selected by the following criteria: city function, population, state/region, scf ranges, nth select.

For pricing information and use policy, please view the Information Sheet.

To place an order, call, fax or email your request to:

Ms. Evan Thorne, List Manager / MGI List Division Marketing General Incorporated 625 North Washington Street, Suite 450 Alexandria, Virginia 22314-1764

Phone: 703.706.0304  
Fax: 703.549-0697   (Attn: Evan Thorne)