Meetings & Events

Members of the full Policy & Advocacy Committees are required to meet twice every year: once at the Congressional City Conference in Washington, and again in the fall at the Congress of Cities.

Members of the steering committee generally meet four times every year: at both the Congressional City Conference and Congress of Cities, as well as at spring and fall meetings. It is at these gatherings that the steering committees discuss advocacy strategies and craft specific NLC policy amendments and resolutions.

Future Meetings

  • Congress of Cities and Exposition, Music City Center, Nashville, TN, November 2015
    • PSCP Meeting: Wednsday, November 4, 2015, 1:00 - 3:00 PM

Past Meetings Agendas 




  • Congress of Cities; Seattle, WA (Agenda)
  • Steering Committee Fall Meeting - Savannah, GA (Agenda / Meeting Summary)
  • Summer Policy Forum; Washington, D.C. (Agenda)
  • Congressional City Conference; Washington, D.C. (Agenda)


  • Congress of Cities; Boston, MA (Agenda)
  • Steering Committee Fall Meeting; Brea, CA (Agenda)
  • Congressional City Conference; Washington, D.C. (Agenda )