Protect Municipal Bonds

NLC is calling on the federal government not to limit in any way the income tax exemption for municipal bonds. Take action today to protect the bonds you rely on to finance infrastructure projects, create jobs and keep your residents' taxes lower.

Call To Action


Letters to Congress

Write a letter to your Member of Congress. Here are some sample letters.


Write an Op-Ed

Write an op-ed to feature in your local or regional paper. Be sure to include specific examples of projects financed by municipal bonds, and the impact that a change in the tax exemption would have. Here are some sample op-eds.


Media Events

Hold a media event at a municipally-funded infrastructure project. Invite your member of Congress, and issue a press release with information. For assistance contact NLC Media Relations.


Pass a Resolution 

Ask your council to pass a resolution and send it to your delegation and the media. Sample Resolutions

Background Information

How does this affect you?

If the federal income tax exemption for municipal bonds is eliminated or limited, local governments will pay more to finance projects, leading to less infrastructure investment, fewer jobs, and greater burdens on those who will have to pay higher taxes and fees. Read our Legislative Issue Brief for more background information. 

Why now?

Congress may address comprehensive tax reform this year, and possibly consider capping or eliminating the tax exemption for municipal bonds. We need to get their attention now so they understand the importance of the municipal bond tax exemption to local governments.

What can you do?

We need local officials to demonstrate the benefits of municipal bonds. Choose one of these options to make your case, or create your own approach. Any action you take will be beneficial!

Taking action is especially important if your Senator or Representative serves on the Senate Finance Committee or the House Ways and Means Committee.  

Find your Senator and Representative: 

Members of the Senate Finance Committee  |  House Ways and Means members