Invest in Local Transportation Priorities

NLC urges Congress to authorize a new, long-term federal surface transportation program that recognizes the central role of transportation to metropolitan and regional economies and includes local voices in planning and project selection.

    The current federal surface transportation program authorization, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21), signed in 2012, funds highway, transit, and other surface transportation programs through the end of FY2014. However, the law did not address long-term funding challenges facing federal surface transportation funding. The Highway Account of the Highway Trust Fund is expected to encounter a shortfall before the end of FY2014, coinciding with the expiration of the current transportation spending program.

    Any delay in solving the funding shortfall will be harmful to local economies. The time has come for Congress and the Administration to authorize a new, lasting transportation plan that includes local decision making authority, invests in long term equitable transportation solutions , supports sustainable multimodal choices, and maintains a strong federal role.

    The federal government must continue its role in shaping the nation's transportation goals and priorities. A national program needs focus on sustainable solutions to mobility and safety, maintain the national role as leader in data, adapting successful technological approaches, and promote innovative transportation solutions.

    Investment in local infrastructure creates jobs and boosts local economies. With adequate funding and innovative financing solutions, local leaders can train and hire thousands of workers to carry out both immediate fixes and long-term road, bridge, transit, and rail projects. A comprehensive funding solution will allow local leaders to make the long-term investments and planning decisions their communities need.