NCW Articles - Immigration Reform

The following articles related to comprehensive immigration reform have appeared in recent editions of Nation's Cities Weekly 

For Mayors, It Is About Integration, Not Immigration
by Paul Pontieri, Mayor, Incorporated Village of Patchogue
February 6, 2012

Supreme Court to Hear Arizona Immigration Case
by Carolyn Coleman
December 19, 2011

Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric: Time to 'Cool' It
by Neal Pearce
November 7, 2011

President Obama Recognizes NLC Leader in Speech on Immigration
by Stacey Levitt
August 8, 2011

Senate Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Immigration Reform
by Leslie Wollack
August 1, 2011

Partnership Takes on Economic Impact of Comprehensive Immigration Reform
by Leslie Wollack
May 9, 2011

'Welcome to Shelbyville' to Premiere May 24 on PBS
by Sahar Driver
April 25, 2011

Film 'Welcome to Shelbyville' Spurs Discussion at Congress of Cities Workshop 
by Michelle Burgess
January 10, 2011

NLC Board Discusses Immigration Policy, Gulf Oil Spill
by Gregory Minchak and Carolyn Coleman
July 19, 2010

APAMO, HELO Lobby for Job Creation and Immigration Reform
by Brenda Ramirez and Stacey Levitt 
May 10, 2010

Senate Democrats Introduce Immigration Reform Legislation
by Leslie Wollack
May 10, 2010