Fix the Nation’s Broken Immigration System

NLC calls on Congress and the Administration to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that balances national security needs with renewed efforts to grow the nation's workforce, stimulate economy prosperity and remain competitive in the 21st century global marketplace.

    The nation's broken immigration system hurts families, communities and our economy. It is time for Congress to acknowledge the economic vitality that immigrants bring to this nation and adopt a reform policy that supports secure borders and a path to citizenship for the millions of immigrants currently contributing to our local and national economies.

    For far too long, our immigration system has torn apart families, allowed cultural misunderstandings to threaten our communities and held back economic growth by keeping a substantial population from being able to fully participate. Local governments are caught in the middle of the national debate with no control over the regulation of immigration, but with the responsibility for integrating immigrants into our communities and providing the services necessary for stable neighborhoods. Congressional reform should not include new mandates on local governments to enforce federal immigration laws nor interfere with community policing.

    Immigrants are also taxpayers and consumers. They pay taxes on their wages and spend their earnings on the purchase of goods and services including food, clothing and homes. This increased consumption boosts business sales, expands the economy, generates new jobs and increases the earnings of all Americans. Recognizing this, civic and business leaders across the country have joined with municipal leaders to highlight the economic necessity of comprehensive immigration reform.