Influence Federal Policy

  • City Leaders Take Summer Action on NLC Priorities

    This summer, city leaders around the country have stepped up to take action on two of NLC's top advocacy priorities: federal transportation funding and passage of marketplace fairness legislation.

  • Department of Transportation Proposes New Rail Safety Standards

    The U.S. Department of Transportation released the long awaited proposed rule setting new standards for transporting oil by rail following a year's worth of disasters and near disasters.

  • Congress Passes Transportation Program Extension

    Congress passed a short term extension of federal transportation programs, avoiding a reduction in federal reimbursements to state departments of transportation for highway, bridge, and transit projects. The bill extends the current federal transportation program through May 2015.

  • NLC Leaders Gather to Discuss Federal Policy, Advocacy Opportunities

    Over 150 local leaders gathered in Saint Paul, MN, as part of NLC's policy development process to consider and debate proposed policy changes to NLC's National Municipal Policy.

    Center Staff   |   Federal Relations Update

  • About Federal Advocacy

    NLC's Federal Advocacy team serves as the voice for America's cities and towns in Washington. Through federal advocacy and lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill, as well as grassroots outreach in hometowns nationwide, NLC achieves its mission of protecting municipal interests, seeking federal support for local investments, and influencing the outcome of federal policy debates affecting local governance.