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  • DRIVE Act Creates Long-Term Transportation Solution, Improves Local Control

    NLC applauds Chairman Inhofe, Ranking Member Boxer and members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee for introducing the DRIVE Act, a bill that answers the National League of Cities' call for greater certainty that only a long term transportation bill can provide.

  • EPA Releases Final "Waters of the U.S." Rule

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released the final "waters of the U.S." rule to clarify which waters fall under federal jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act.

  • Major Differences Emerge Between House and Senate FY2016 Appropriations Bills

    The House and Senate scramble to pass a FY 2016 appropriations bill for the U.S. Departments of Transportation and HUD, while President Obama threatens to veto any bill that adheres to current sequestration spending caps.

  • NLC and Cities Lead During Infrastructure Week 2015

    Led by NLC President Ralph Becker, Mayor, Salt Lake City, a strike force of local officials took to Capitol Hill for Infrastructure Week 2015 in Washington.

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  • About Federal Advocacy

    NLC's Federal Advocacy team serves as the voice for America's cities and towns in Washington. Through federal advocacy and lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill, as well as grassroots outreach in hometowns nationwide, NLC achieves its mission of protecting municipal interests, seeking federal support for local investments, and influencing the outcome of federal policy debates affecting local governance.