NLC Service Line Welcomes New Cities

NLC soon will celebrate two years of offering the NLC Service Line Warranty Program to cities and their residents. Since the program launch in the fall of 2010, more than 130 cities have offered the water and/or sewer product to nearly two million households.

The NLC Service Line Warranty Program offers residents an affordable way to avoid the unexpected and often expensive repair of a sewer line break. When a line breaks, the cost to repair it can often cause hardship on a family's budget. This NLC program offers warranty protection to help cover the costs of a break

This spring, enrollment campaigns in 118 cities reached nearly 700,000 households. Nearly 50,000 resident enrolled in the warranty program and have the peace of mind knowing that they have protections should there be a leak or break in their line.

One highlight of this spring The NLC Service Line Warranty Program was the reception the program had in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. More than 10,000 residents enrolled - that is nearly 12 percent of the more than 85,000 households in the city. Other highlights of the sewer warranty program include Green River, Wyoming, with 37 percent enrollment, Westchester, Illinois, with a 20% response, and DeSoto, Texas, with a 10 percent enrollment rate.

The NLC Service Line Warranty Program is happy to welcome the newest participating cities, who will be initiating their first campaigns this fall, including Phoenix, Arizona; Riverside, Ohio; Decorah, Iowa; Berkley, Michigan; and The Town of Harwinton Water Pollution Control Authority in Connecticut.

Are you interested in offering this low-cost warranty program to your residents? There is no cost to your city to participate in the program and you are able to bring a valuable solution to your city's residents.