What City Officials Are Saying

"We're please so many residents are taking advantage of this program.  Costs continue to rise in all areas of healthcare and any savings we canf ind are welcome.  We encourage all residents to look at the program for their family and in some cases, their pets."
- Brian Sullivan, Town Manager, Arlington, Massachusetts
(savings to-date for residents of Arlington - $123, 037)

"We've had some great numbers," Councilman Shelby Lowe said.  "We just provided the service and put (the cards) out and just waited aroudn to see if people used it.  And they did."
- Shelby Lowe, Councilman, Riviera Beach, Florida
(savings to-date for residents of Riviera Beach - $26,018)

"The cards are all over the place," said Lela Jordan, West Palm's youth and family services manager.  "They're kind of everywhere for people to walk up and pick up."
- Lela Jordan, Youth and Family Services, Manager, West Palm Beach, Florida
(savigs to-date for residents of West Palm Beach - $26,962)

 "Everybody is looking for ways they can save a dime here, a nickel there.  The people that need this will make good use of it."
- John Bonde, Depute City Manager, Wellington, Florida

"The free card helps the nearly 20%, or 2.7 million, uninsured residetns younger than 65 Countywide.  People of any age, income level, residency status or level of health care coverage can get an average savings of 20% off their prescriptions."
- Ed P. Reyes, Councilmember, Los Angeles, California

"This is a program that has clear benefits with the potential to save more money for the community well beyond the cost of joining NLC.  And the best part?  This program is free.  It is free to the city; it is free to the residents."
- James E. Mitchell, Jr., Councilmember, Charlotte, North Carolina and NLC Past President
(savings to-date for residents of Charlotte - $91,387)

 "The program has saved Detroit area residents nearly a quarter million of dollars and the cost of prescription medications with an actual savings of 30 percent"
- Janice Winfrey, City Clerk, Detroit, Michigan
(savings to-date for residents of Detroit - $459,153)

 "Anyone who wants to save money and has a prescription shouse use it. There's nor eason in throwing money away.  IF you have insurance, then you may not want to use it.  However, there are many prescriptions that aren't covered by insurance and that is where is could come in handy.
- Myron Lowrey, Councilman, Memphis, Tennessee
(savings to-date for residents of Memphis - $223,577)