Youth and Young Adult Connections

NLC supports and informs city leaders and stakeholders interested in improving public safety and reforming the juvenile justice system. We also provide peer learning and support to the growing number of citywide programs reconnecting young people to school.

Cities Connecting Children to Nature

Cities Connecting Children to Nature

The Cities Connecting Children to Nature initiative supports cities in their efforts to connect young people with nature and create the next generation of environmental stewards. Read more...

Juvenile Justice Reform

City leaders can increase public safety and improve outcomes for young people. To do this, cities can implement strategies that hold youth accountable for their actions in more effective, equitable and developmentally appropriate ways. Read more…


Student receiving diploma.

Research shows that many out-of-school youth want to return to school, but are uncertain how to do so. Helping these young people find ways to graduate – and promising futures – is a critical challenge facing city leaders today. A  growing number of cities are leading the way with innovative strategies to solve this issue. Read more…