Family Economic Success

  • Cities and Family Economic Success

    City leaders can help families and neighborhoods become more economically secure by helping families learn financial skills, increase earnings and maximize income, save for emergencies and the future, invest in assets that generate wealth and income, protect gains made to income and assets and connect to public benefits such as health insurance and federal nutrition programs.

  • Health Benefits Outreach

    Health Benefits Outreach

    Cities have a vested interest in expanding health access for children and families. When families have health insurance, the burden on hospital emergency rooms is reduced, families avoid financial crisis resulting from medical debt, children are healthier and parents take less time off work to care for sick kids.

  • Children Receiving Meals After School Due to Cities’ Efforts

    In the past year, 4,885 additional children in 11 cities have received healthy meals at local afterschool programs as a result of city efforts to leverage federal Afterschool Meal Program funding.

  • Reducing Hunger through Afterschool and Summer Meals

    With support from The Walmart Foundation, NLC has launched the second phase of a national initiative to reduce childhood hunger by expanding participation in federally-subsidized afterschool and summer meals programs.