Expanding Youth Opportunities

  • Eleven Cities to Address Disparities Affecting Young Black Men and Boys

    Eleven Cities to Address Disparities Affecting Young Black Men and Boys

    NLC's Institute for Youth, Education, and Families has selected 11 cities from a pool of 28 applicants to receive assistance as they work to reduce disparities between black males and their peers.

  • NLC Launches Young Men of Color Network

    NLC recently convened local leaders from 18 cities to discuss two new initiatives to expand opportunities for young men of color.

  • Cities Develop New Strategies for Reengaging Dropouts

    City, school and community leaders from 17 cities gathered in Denver recently to share ideas and lessons learned in the development of “reengagement centers,” one of the newest and most exciting models for helping dropouts come back to school and thereby boosting high school graduation rates.

  • Mayors and Youth Address Violence Among African-American Males

    Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter joined a group of nearly 200 municipal leaders and youth at the Cities United Summit to discuss concrete strategies to reduce violence-related deaths among black males.

  • Webinar Focuses on Dropout Prevention and Recovery

    The YEF Institute sponsored an hour-long webinar on "Reengagement Centers: Key Element in a City Strategy to Recover Dropouts." Speakers discussed the development of reengagement centers as an important part of a municipal agenda to increase high school graduation rates.

  • Collaborative Efforts Seek to Help Disconnected Youth

    Cross-system teams from eight cities gathered in Denver to develop and expand city strategies for reengaging disconnected youth and improving achievement among young men of color.

  • Cities and At-Risk Youth

    By linking disadvantaged young people with educational opportunities, employment, and vital wraparound services, cities can lay the foundation for a more vibrant economy while also making their communities safer and their neighborhoods stronger and more stable.