Assistance to Cities

  • Educational Alignment for Young Children (2010-11)

    The YEF Insititute has launched a new initiative to help cities better align local early care and education programs with their public school systems. The goal of the initiative is to increase the likelihood that children will be poised for educational success by the time they reach the third grade. Through the initiative, made possible with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and an anonymous donor, and with early support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the YEF Institute will identify, explore and document strong city models for aligning early childhood and K-12 systems.

  • AHSI Place-Based Partnerships (2008-10)

    Striving to help cities reduce dropout rates and improve students' educational outcomes, the YEF Institute, along with its partners in the Association for High School Innovation (AHSI) network and with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, worked intensively with the cities of Indianapolis, Nashville, and Newark to establish new innovation-model alternative schools for students who struggle in traditional high school settings.

  • Helping Municipal Leaders Expand Options and Alternatives for High School Project (2005-07)

    This project helped five cities develop and implement strategies for expanding options and alternatives for high school to prepare all students for college, work, and citizenship. Lessons learned from cities' experiences are documented in the YEF Institute report, Expanding Options: City Roles in Creating High School Alternatives for Struggling Students.

  • Municipal Leadership in Education Project (2001-04)

    This project strengthened the capacity of municipal leaders in six cities to improve the quality of public education. Lessons from these cities' initiatives are available in the YEF Institute's report, Stronger Schools, Stronger Cities.