Tools & Resources

  • The State of City Leadership for Children and Families: Local Infrastructure for Children and Families Chapter (2009)

    The YEF Institute's first-ever report on The State of City Leadership for Children and Families identifies the nation's most cutting-edge city strategies to help children and families thrive. A chapter on local infrastructure for children and families highlights the broad range of innovations and trends in municipal leadership, including the growth of youth master planning in cities across the country.

  • Action Kit on Creating a Youth Master Plan (2008)

    Published with support from MetLife Foundation, this action kit for municipal leaders offers tips for the development of a city-schools youth master plan. By using a master planning process to more effectively coordinate services for children and youth, communities can identify unmet needs, eliminate barriers to services, and increase the return on investment for local programs.

  • City Examples of Youth Master Plans

    These examples highlight youth master plans and other comprehensive plans for children, youth and families that have been developed by more than 30 cities throughout the country.

  • Academy for Educational Development Center for Youth Development and Policy Research

    The AED website provides information and guidance to help cities conduct community youth mapping projects.

  • Search Institute

    The Search Institute website focuses on strategies for promoting young people's developmental assets, or areas that help children grow into productive and caring adults, such as family support, neighborhood safety, and youth programs.