Urban Development

  • Rose Center for Public Leadership in Land Use

    The mission of the Rose Center for Public Leadership in Land Use is to encourage and support excellence in land use decision making by providing public officials with access to information, best practices, peer networks and other resources to foster creative, efficient, practical and sustainable land use policies. Through its education and training programs, the Rose Center facilitates effective working relationships between the public and private sectors.

  • Neighborhoods & Communities

    Communities are defined by the people who live and work there, their built environment (buildings, public realm), economic assets and natural resources (open space, parks, natural amenities, environmental quality). Healthy and prosperous neighborhoods nurture a public spiritedness that can sustain a place across generations. NLC has compiled a range of case studies and resources featuring local snapshots that highlight efforts to strengthen and improve communities.

  • Innovation Districts

    Innovation Districts are creative, energetic urban ecosystems in which city leaders, start-ups, established firms, institutions, skilled workers, and entrepreneurs converge to capitalize upon new ideas and scientific or technological breakthroughs. NLC provides applied research on existing and emerging innovation districts.