Immigrant Integration

Far from being strictly a national concern, immigration and integration policies have both social and economic implications for cities. While different communities are affected in different ways, all are charged with ensuring that all citizens are engaged and included in civic life. Through research and technical assistance capacities, NLC has focused on promoting civic engagement and naturalization among immigrant communities in cities throughout the United States.

    Positive Crossroads: Mexican Consular Assistance and Immigrant Integration (2012)

     Positive CrossroadsMexico's consular network is the largest and most extensive of any foreign government in the U.S. For the last twenty years, and especially since 2003, with the creation by a presidential decree of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME), the Mexican Consulates have fostered and developed programs and initiatives to assist, educate and help Mexican citizens living in the U.S. This report highlights a selection of successful practices developed by the Mexican Consulates with their local partners, including local governments, school districts, public libraries, faith-based organizations, police departments and the private sector.


    Public Safety Programs for the Immigrant Community (2011)

      Public Safety Programs for the Immigrant CommunityPublic Safety Programs for the Immigrant Community addresses cities' role in immigrant public safety and is designed to give cities a starting place to plan and improve their public safety outreach programs toward their local immigrant communities. The report, from NLC's Municipal Action for Immigrant Integration Program highlights seventeen public safety programs and good practices from a diverse group of U.S cities and includes recommendations for developing immigrant public safety programs in other communities.


    Immigrant Integration: Resource Access and Cultural Exchange (2011)

    Immigrant Integration: Resource Access and Cultural ExchangeThis city practice brief highlights city and non-profit programs that either connect new immigrants to existing community resources or promote information and cultural exchange between old and new residents. Together, these strategies support an immigrant integration framework of community outreach, resource access and education to teach new residents about city services and civic responsibilities.



    Municipal Innovations in Immigrant Integration: 20 Cities, 20 Good Practices (2010)

    Municipal Innovations in Immigrant IntegrationMunicipal Innovations in Immigrant Integration: 20 Cities, 20 Good Practices, describes local efforts to promote immigrant integration in a variety of ways. Small, medium-sized, and large cities are included to represent a range of possibilities.




    The Rise of the New Baltimoreans (2012)

    This case study explores the city of Baltimore’s efforts to welcome immigrants to grow the city’s population, and in the process, it’s economy.  This is the final case study of a three-part series exploring how cities are developing innovative models for tackling complex urban issues and strengthening their local economies in partnership with Next American City.

    Emerging Issues: Hyphens and Documents, Hopes and Fears (2011)
    Immigrant integration is happening "steadily," albeit "unevenly," in the United States, according to a new report. This is a big deal, not only because some progress is occurring but also because this news contrasts with what you get from your regular encounters with the news media and national leaders. It's a neglected story and, when it's told --- by local leaders and others --- it could contribute to re-shaping constructively the nation's rather dismal national discourse on immigration.  

    Civic Engagement and Recent Immigrant Communities: A Planning Guide for Local Officials and Other Community Leaders (2010)
    Civic Engagement and Recent Immigrant Communities is a discussion guide that presents local officials with the first steps and directions for developing or re-establishing efforts toward integrating immigrants into the civic life of the city.

    Financial Literacy Programs for Immigrants (2010)
    This Municipal Action Guide (MAG) highlights opportunities for local governments and community-based organizations to promote financial access and education among immigrant residents. The MAG also identifies different types of financial literacy programs and their purposes.

    New Framework for Immigrant-Owned Business Development (2010)
    A recent report by Butler University Professors Roberto Curci and Robert Mackoy evaluates the integration of immigrant-owned businesses into local economies. Based on face-to-face interviews with 199 Hispanic business enterprises in Indianapolis, the study creates a framework that classifies immigrant-owned businesses as highly-segmented, product-integrated, market-integrated or highly-integrated.

    Municipal Innovations in Immigrant Integration: Indianapolis Model, 2000-2007 (2009)
    This report is the first in a series entitled Municipal Innovations in Immigrant Integration, American Cities Series. The Indianapolis Model, 2000-2007 focuses on the initiatives related to immigrant integration in the City of Indianapolis during the Peterson administration.   

    Immigrant Affairs Committees and Councils (2009)
    This City Practice Brief provides examples of a variety of immigrant affairs committees, councils, and commissions created in order to offer advice to local government officials on issues relating to immigrant groups.

    Mayoral Immigrant and Latino Affairs Offices (2009)
    This City Practice Brief describes mayoral offices established to address the needs and concerns related to immigrant communities.

    Citizenship and Naturalization Programs (2009) 
    This City Practice brief highlights local efforts to help immigrants prepare for the naturalization test and interview with tutoring, classes, and legal advice clinics.

    Helping City Leaders Respond to Global Change (2009)
    This report includes a Transatlantic comparison of local strategies to promote immigrant integration.

    Employment and Business Ownership (2008)
    This City Practice Brief focuses on local program developed to improve immigrants' access to employment opportunities, including job training, English as a Second Language classes, and job placement.