• Civic Engagement

    A growing disconnect between citizens and government – complicated by the challenges of financial strains, demographic changes, diminishing social capital, and increasing demands from citizens – has renewed the need for local leaders to revisit issues of democracy and governance. NLC is contributing to a national effort to strengthen democracy and governance at the local level by involving residents in government and public life and by focusing on developing an inclusive, collaborative, and effective relationship built on trust between citizens and government. Through these relationships, communities can work together to arrive at solutions to pressing problems.

  • Regional Governance

    Problems and opportunities often do not respect municipal boundaries. So, local leaders find themselves crossing those boundaries in order to make their city a better place. NLC provides ideas and information to assist city leaders in working with one or several or many other jurisdictions in the area to achieve a goal.

  • Municipal Government

    Cities 101 is a public resource developed by the National League of Cities to introduce and explain municipal government in the United States. There are many ways cities are created, and there exists considerable variation in their power and authority.