As an elected official, you make decisions every day that impact the future of your community.  It is of critical importance that your decisions and actions support your community's vision and do not work at cross purposes with existing efforts.  This is particularly true in today's rapidly changing economic environment. 

You can use this guide to initiate conversations - or ask questions - with key players within your community.  The first step will most likely be to initiate conversations with your economic development staff about how to best use your skills and political capital to support a strategic economic direction.  Even if you are already engaged in economic development, this guide can serve as a reminder of all the leadership roles needed for economic success.  It can also help you identify how your economic development role should vary over time to support the changing needs of your community and economic development stakeholders.

Your city may have all the right assets, partners, and tools, but may never realize its full potential without a leader to bring all the pieces together.  You have the power and the ability to do what's needed to advance the cause of successful economic development for your city.

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