City Solutions and Applied Research

  • State of the Cities 2014 Blog Series

    For the past four years, the National League of Cities has published an annual State of the Cities blog series analyzing mayors’ State of the City speeches. These blogs typically analyzed around 30 speeches and identified trends in city policy and leadership. This year, the NLC expanded its coverage to include a detailed and thorough analysis of 100 mayors’ State of the City speeches and tested for 10 major topics, including Economic Development/Jobs, Transportation and Education.

  • Veteran Housing

    A vital first step to help with the reintegration of America's heros is making sure that veterans and their families have stable housing. In partnership with The Home Depot Foundation, NLC is focused on ensuring every veteran has a safe place to call home, particularly homeless veterans.

  • Big Ideas for Small Business

    The Big Ideas for Small Business toolkit discusses important strategies for how local leaders can be better advocates for small businesses. Our report provides guidance on: creating ecosystems that support small business growth; reorganizing city resources to better meet the needs of small businesses; and providing business owners with access to new sources of capital.

  • About City Solutions and Applied Research

    City Solutions and Applied Research strives to strengthen communities, transform and improve cities, and assist city leaders, by knowing and learning about cities; identifying and sharing promising city practices; fostering effective solutions and innovation; and challenging cities and city leaders to lead. The program areas provide an organizing framework—lenses—through which city leaders can evaluate activities, plan comprehensively for the future, set goals, and measure progress.

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