IBM has worked with governments for more than 100 years. We have valued relationships with local, regional and national governments in more than 100 countries around the globe. Our goal is to help cities and governments at all levels become smarter and achieve their mission of improving the economic health, welfare and safety of society.

"You don't have to be a city of millions in order to take this approach." - Mayor Buttigieg, South Bend, Indiana

With the help of IBM and Business Partner EmNet, the city of South Bend, Indiana has the most censored sewer system in the world. Together, they have mitigated combined sewer overflows & have helped the city to be proactive in its waste water management.

NLC and IBM Partner to Promote Technology Solutions for City Health and Social Programs

As part of its Smarter Cities initiative, IBM is partnering with NLC to help cities build smarter health and social programs.

The world is not just getting smaller and flatter, it is also becoming more interconnected and intelligent. City leaders are finding new ways to interact dynamically with residents and collaborate across departments. By helping governments around the world with some of their most challenging issues, IBM has developed expertise and leading-edge technology that can support integrated data strategies for core social programs, including health, social assistance, family services, disabilities and others.

IBM Cúram Social Program Management is the leading solution for supporting the end-to-end social program delivery process. By designing around the client, IBM Cúram Social Program Management empowers organizations to collaborate around client needs, making access to governmental services easier for the citizen and, more importantly, more effective in achieving desired social goals.

Learn more about IBM Cúram social program management solutions for cities.

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Resources for Cities

Martin Duggan of IBM speaks at the Congress of Cities 2012 on the Early Adopter Program for Outcomes Management Software

    Corporate Citizenship

    The primary focus of IBM Corporate Citizenship and Community Affairs activities is building a smarter planet through initiatives that address specific societal issues, such as the environment, community economic development, education, health, literacy, language and culture. We employ the most valuable resources from IBM, our technology and talent, in order to create innovative programs in these areas to assist local communities and those around the world. A few examples are:

    • Our Corporate Service Corps program annually deploys teams of selected high- potential employees to emerging regions to work with government, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations on critical local projects. Teams have completed projects in Ghana, Romania, Tanzania, the Philippines and Vietnam around water quality, disaster preparedness and project management.
    • Our World Community Grid initiative utilizes grid computing technology to harness the tremendous power of idle computers to perform specific computations related to critical research around complex biological, environmental and health-related issues. The current projects include Help Fight Childhood Cancer, Clean Energy, and Nutritious Rice for the World, FightAIDS@Home, Help Conquer Cancer, AfricanClimate@Home, and a genomics initiative and research on Dengue Fever.
    • Another example of our citizenship activities is our employee volunteer initiative, entitled On Demand Community. Since 2003, over 145,000 employees and retirees have registered and performed over 10 million hours of volunteer service around the world. This program equips our employee and retiree volunteers with a distinct set of on demand tools based on the successful technology solutions created exclusively by IBM for schools, community agencies and not-for-profits.

    To learn more about our IBM corporate responsibility efforts, please visit Innovations in Corporate Responsibility. For more information on IBM Corporate Citizenship and Community Affairs please visit:

    More about the company: Cities are the focal points for the transformation from the traditional "bricks-and-mortar" drivers of economic growth to an economy based on "brains and creativity." Competitive differentiation today is more likely to be based on the ability of the workforce to create and absorb skills and innovation than on traditional drivers such as available resources or manufacturing prowess. In the immediate future cities will play a much larger role in talent-based economic development.

    The IBM extensive portfolio of solutions and implementation assets - continually refined in engagements with clients around the world -- can help cities compete in this new economic environment. Our government industry framework can help apply advanced information technology, analytics and systems thinking to develop a more citizen-centric approach to services. In doing so, cities can better attract, create, enable and retain their citizens' skills, knowledge and innovation while driving transformative change, improving organizational accountability, and reducing risk. 

    IBM adds value, leveraging the unparalleled resources of the entire IBM Corporation, including IBM Research, the Center for the Business of Government, the Institute for Electronic Government and a global network of strategic relationships.