American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the national organization representing members of the architectural profession. With membership of more than 80,000 and nearly 400 state and local chapters nationwide, the AIA works to achieve a better, more sustainably built environment and unites the profession behind policies aimed at creating a higher quality of life.

Resources for Cities

Corporate Citizenship

Areas of Special Interest or Expertise:  City Livability, Civic Engagement, Community Development, Disaster Assistance, Downtown Development, Economic Development, Education, Energy, Housing, Municipal Bond Counsel, Neighborhood Redevelopment, Small Business Development, Sustainability, Tax Legislation, Tort Library, Traffic Management, Waste Water Treatment.

More about the company:

The Local Relations team focuses on local government issues and outreach, including green building and sustainable design, local government procurement of architectural services, civic engagement, permitting and zoning issues, and additional issues important to the architectural profession. The Center for Communities by Design is concerned with architects' contributions to safe, attractive, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable communities. The AIA works closely with the Mayor's Institute on City Design to improve the urban landscape. Our Sustainable Assessment and Regional/Urban Design Assistance Teams aim to improve the quality of communities by promoting sustainability and excellence in design. AIA initiatives aim to continuously improve the condition of both the built and natural environments.