A.S.K. a Corporate Partner: Participants and Issue Areas

The A.S.K. a Corporate Partner: Answers, Solutions, and Knowledge program was championed by NLC Past President James E. Mitchell, Jr., Councilmember, Charlotte, North Carolina and launched at the 2011 Congressional City Conference in Washington, DC.  The goal of the program is to connect city leaders with NLC Corporate Partners through meaningful, one-on-one meetings and help cities find solutions they need.

Topics range from economic development to sustainability to technology. These brief, 20-to-30 minute meetings are designed to be the starting point for promoting public-private dialogue, finding solutions and building relationships. 

There is no additional cost to participate, but an appointment is required.  Please view the participating corporate partners and their topic/issue areas, or sign up for a consultation today.



Susan Mays, Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Initiatives

Chris Thomas, Vice President Managing Director, US Government Affairs
  • Asset management
  • Sustainability (including green infrastructure)
  • Public-private partnerships
Martha Thompson, Director, Corporate Public Affairs
  • Renewable Energy
  • Net Metering Standards
  • Fossil fuels used for electric power generation

Terri Jones, Government Team
  • Paperless agenda management
  • Document management or paperless government technology
  • Transparency, mobile, self-service and efficient government strategies

Robert Burns, Director, Local Government Solutions

Dustin Knutson, Director, Energy Services
  • Regional solutions for municipal services
  • Energy services
  • Public - nonprofit partnerships

Jessica Sharp, Director of Development & Communications

Damema Mann, Senior Project Manager, The National Citizen Survey
  • Using data to make informed decisions at the local government level
  • Gathering resident opinion through citizen surveys
  • Increasing survey ratings and response rates through marketing

Heather Lazar, Community Relations Liaison
  • Maintaining vacant properties, preserving property values and protecting quality of life through partnerships between municipalities and the mortgage servicing industry
  • Accessing Compliance Connections, a free web-based platform that allows cities to identify and communicate directly with the servicer/bank/responsible party & then expedite the compliance at a vacant property, thereby saving the city time & resources
Dr. Allan Yang, Director of Corporate Sustainability
  • Local sustainability and resilience
  • Neighborhood dealerships
  • Affordable housing and local storage services
  • Green building and energy management
  • Porous pavement

Peter Torvik, NACo Financial Services Managing Director

Sarah Lindsay. NACo Financial Services Marketing Specialist
  • Cooperative purchasing
  • Public procurement integrity
  • Cost savings for cities

Steve Johnson, Visa Public Sector

Nathan Nayman, Head of State & Local Relations
  • Saving money through electronic payments - paying and receiving payments via cards
  • Assisting and helping the unbanked enter the economic mainstream and build assets through financial literacy

Marie Day, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Community Outreach Regional Manager

Russ Cross, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Community Outreach Regional Manager
  • Property Preservation efforts and Real Estate Owned (REO) Repair and Disposition Strategies -information on properties that may be vacant or abandoned, and properties that may be available for donations or discounted sales to local governments and non-profits
  • Home ownership and lending programs - particularly for those who have survived payment challenges
  • Promoting neighborhood stability in communities impacted by mortgage delinquencies and foreclosure