Corporate Partner Resources


Economic Development

Retail 1-2-3: A Workbook for Local Officials and Community Leaders
A toolkit for local elected and appointed officials, citizen leaders, and the development community to help attract and retain valuable businesses while honoring the unique goals and visions of local governments; provided by the International Council of Shopping Centers
Tax Increment Finance Best Practices Reference Guide

This reference guide addresses what TIF is and how best to apply the TIF tool.  It also highlights TIF projects from across the country and discusses how they can be applied to address many common economic development issues; provided by the International Council of Shopping Centers

Energy Efficiency

A Guide for Local Government Executives on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
A report that sets forth six strategies that local government decision makers and administrators can use to develop new sustainability programs or refine existing programs; provided by IBM
The Economics of Energy Upgrades
A white paper that addresses crucial economic issues facility executives should consider when planning energy upgrades; provided by Siemens
City of Big Spring, Texas
A case study on how the city of Big Spring, Texas worked with Siemens to find energy savings and ways to promote its efforts toward safe and effective environmental solutions; provided by Siemens

Green Building

Local Leaders in Sustainability- Green Building Policy in a Changing Economic Environment
A report focusing on green building at the local level and case studies featuring best practices that communities can use to build or streghten their green building programs; provided by the American Institute of Architects
Local Leaders in Sustainability- A Study of Green Building Programs in Our Nation's Communities
A  report examining the state of green building laws in American cities as of 2007, along with case studies featuring best practices of green building programs throughout the country; provided by the American Institute of Architects
Local Leaders in Sustainability- Green Incentives
A white paper that analyzes data from local and state-level research on green incentive programs; provided by the American Institute of Architects


City of Bedford, Texas
A case study on how the City of Bedford and CIGNA created a health plan strategy designed to improve health awareness in order to reduce the production and destruction of disease in the population, improve health, and lower costs; provided by CIGNA Healthcare
Making Information Simple, Helpful, and Easy to Use
Tips on how to maximize the impact of your benefits-related messages; provided by CIGNA Healthcare

Individual Retirement Planning

Government Benefits Comparison Tool (GBCT)
A tool to research the benefits offered to retirees by city and county governments across the country; provided by ICMA-RC
State and Local Pensions: An Overview of Funding Issues and Challenges
Using facts and charts, this primer shows what happened to pension funding levels after the 2008 economic downturn and what to expect in the future; provided by ICMA-RC
At a Crossroads: The Financing and Future of Health Benefits for State and Local Government Retirees
A report that is the first systematic (entire workforce) assessment of the level of OPEB (other post-employment benefits) liabilities of US states and a sample of localities; provided by ICMA-RC

Information Technology

How to reinvent a city: Mayors’ lessons from the Smarter Cities Challenge
A white paper that summarizes advice from city leaders who engaged in IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge grant program, a three-year, 100-city initiative. IBM is donating $50 million worth of its employees’ time to help cities get started on ambitious projects.
IBM Smarter Cities Challenge
A reference site of 100 cities worldwide organized by issue areas including: Administration, Citizen Engagement, Economic Development, Education & Workforce, Environment, Public Safety, Social Services, Transportation and Urban Planning; provided by IBM 
White Paper: Enterprise GIS for Local Government
A white paper that introduced a set of best practices that allow users to benefit from an integrated GIS; provided by Esri
GIS for Local Government
Case studies that showcase GIS as used by municipal governments, including Portland, Oregon and San Diego, California; provided by Esri
Human Ability and Accessibility Center
A library of case studies on human ability and accessibility, covering issues such as adaptive technology needs, cost-effective e-learning materials, and more accessible web sites.; provided by IBM
A Video Overview of Using Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) to Enhance Citizen Participation
A video providing an overview of the evolution of the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in government, with a focus on the use of GIS by local government; provided by IBM

Water Solutions

Bottled Water and Tap Water: Just the Facts
A report that compares the regulatory requirements for quality and monitoring of drinking water in the United States; provided by the International Bottled Water Association

The National League of Cities Corporate Partners are a group of civic-minded companies and organizations that support the exchange of ideas between corporate leaders and the leaders of America's cities in order to strengthen local government, encourage economic competitiveness and promote corporate civic engagement.